Worcester Green Jobs Coalition Mission

Organizing a local movement for green collar jobs for all. We work for resources to create sustainable jobs that are in sync with our community, culture and needs.

Green Solidarity Economy Conference

Help us plan the Making a Green Solidarity Economy Conference!

July 23rd, Worcester

We aim to help local groups:

  • Learn more about local development and collective entrepreneurship, community empowerment strategies, and environmental and social justice practices from successful Central Mass initiatives
  • Connect with other green, social, and local organizations and businesses while collaboratively addressing common constraints, issues, and problems
  • Build individual group capacity through relevant workshops and greater network capacity through collective agenda setting

A small network of groups formed to start this process, and we want to extend an invitation to your group to guide the planning and success of this gathering of community-minded individuals. A member of our network identified your organization as an innovative model for what green solidarity enterprise can look like. Please let us know if you would be interested in helping out in any way.

More information about the conference:


The green economy focuses on generating new jobs, goods, and services which encourage processes less destructive to the health of the planet. But not all economies are created equally. The Solidarity Economy is commercial and non-commercial activity oriented to meet individual and collective social needs over profit maximization. It is organized through various kinds of voluntary or cooperative associations within communities (for example, worker cooperatives, credit unions, co-housing, fair trade, local currencies, etc). The definition (re)centers the principles of solidarity, sustainability, equity, participatory democracy, and pluralism as the core values of interpersonal relationships and exchange. Taken together, the green solidarity economy focuses on building “sustainable”, “closed-cycle”, or “environmentally friendly” production processes and services which promote workplace democracy, social justice, and community empowerment.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together the various organizations in central Massachusetts working towards progressive social, environmental, and economic goals to discuss best practices, strengthen inter-organizational relationships, and identify actions we can take together to make a green solidarity economy for the betterment of our communities.

Conference Themes

Local development and collective entrepreneurship

Community empowerment

Environmental and economic justice

Conference Structure

In the morning, speakers will be invited to present theories, successes, strategies, and insights in panel discussions or workshops focusing on the themes of the event. The afternoon will be dedicated to deliberative planning section to identify specific actions groups can take to support each other and to expand/strengthen the network of local green/social organizations. The evening session will feature local musicians and food in a casual atmosphere to encourage further discussion and relationship-building.